This week we will be having Bible Study at Bryan & Karla's home. Normal time of 4:00.  


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Thank you for visiting us online.  HRBS began in late 1999 as a gathering of believers from the Dinuba & Reedley, CA area who wanted to study scripture without any preconceived ideas.  We quickly realized that, in our search for truth, we needed to take off our “Greek glasses” and look at scripture through a “Hebrew perspective”.  Hence our name, “HRBS”, “Hebrew Roots Bible Study”.  We were amazed at how the scriptures came to life even though most of us had been believers from our youth.  Then, when we started putting off the traditions of men that many of us had been raised with and started living out our faith in accordance with Yahshua's example, and implementing the same standards that He lived by, we realized a peace that we had never known before.  Over the years we have developed into a small community who keep the Sabbath along with all of the “appointed times” of the Creator, and do our best to uphold the Torah through Yahshua.

~Blessings,  HRBS

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We are excited to announce our annual Messianic youth camp, Messiah West Coast, coming July 5th  July 10th 2015.  Every year we have been growing by leaps and bounds, and I am sure this year will be no exception.  We have felt for a long time that the Messianic Torah observant youth in the western US have needed a place to fellowship and connect with one another.  It is our desire give our youth an opportunity to continue to build their own foundation in their faith.  Messiah West Coast will be the perfect place for them to witness for themselves many others standing up for YHVH and the Torah, and to be encouraged to grow and continue in their own walk.                    

Hope to see you there.


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