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About Us


HRBS began in late 1999, and has developed into a small community that keeps the Sabbath along with all of the “appointed times” of the Creator, and does our best to uphold the Torah through Yeshua.

In 2008, the Father put it on our hearts to start a Messianic youth camp, Messiah West Coast, which is held every summer at Camp Oakhurst, near Yosemite.  It has been a tremendous blessing to our youth as it has opened doors to friendships with other like-minded youth, and given many of them opportunities to eventually serve MWC as counselors.

As MWC continued to grow, so did our HRBS extended family.  Many youth who attended our camp would bring their families to our Sukkot gathering, which is held on the same property (a small farm) as HRBS.  Being on a farm allowed us the opportunity to feed our Sukkot guests with the produce, eggs, meat, etc. that we grew/raised ourselves.  As we continued to grow, we realized we needed help.  We also knew, with our contacts with youth from MWC, that there were many of our young people (especially college age) who were looking for direction and not feeling “called” to attend a typical college or university.  It was during this time that the Father gave us the vision for Growing in Torah.

Growing in Torah, a training program for college-age young adults, began in 2012, at the same location (Safe Haven Sustainable Farms) as HRBS/Sukkot.  The Father made a way for these young adults to live on the farm for several months, learn farming/homesteading, and then see the fruit of their labor by providing the food for everyone at Sukkot.  The young adults/students also learn many other things that instill vital habits and characteristics as they leave the farm and take their knowledge/skills to their communities….knowledge and skills that may eventually allow them to be a type of  “Joseph” to their own families/communities.

Since HRBS hosts MWC, Sukkot, and GIT, we’ve found it necessary to establish a governance to help us handle more efficiently all the decisions, funds, planning, etc. that all of these events entail.  Safe Haven Sustainable Farms is the location for most of these events, and was granted 501-c3 (non profit) status in recent years.  This allows us to accommodate growth of these programs and give our donors tax-exempt status.

We appreciate your prayers as we do our best to continue to serve our community of believers.